What is an “open-air fire”?

Any fire burning freely or that can freely spread. Examples of open-air fires are fireworks and flame and spark producing tools (such as welding tools).

The following are not considered to be an open fire: Propane or ethanol fireplaces.  These facilities may be used in the event of a ban.

Fires burning in facilities intended for this purpose and equipped with spark arrestor screens, such as stoves, fireplaces, and metal containers, are not considered to be open-air fires. In order to comply with prevailing standards, spark arrestor openings must be no wider than 1 centimetre.

Here is what is and what is not allowed in the case of a ban on open fires.

Please note! Fires that are set on a dirt or gravel floor AND in a firebox equipped with a spark arrester (with maximum openings of 1 cm by 1 cm) are permitted.
However, we invite you to consult your municipality. Your municipality may have stricter regulations that will take precedence over the MFFP regulations.
* Outdoor propane or ethanol fireplaces are not targeted by the open fire ban because they do not produce sparks.