What are the steps to follow in order to safely make a fire?

Campfires are the cause of numerous forest fires every year. Follow these steps to fully and safely enjoy your fire.

  1. PERPARE an open area on mineral soil, away from any combustible material (leaves, grass and so on).
  2. BUILD a fire no larger than 1 metre by 1 metre in size.
  3. KEEP AN EYE on the fire and have water at hand at all times.
  4. PUT OUT the fire by dousing the site thoroughly and stirring the embers.
  5. ENSURE that embers are cold to the touch.

[alert type=”success”] Keep in mind! A fire will not go out on its own. Hot embers can be reignited by the wind. [/alert]

Tips from the pros! Do not hesitate to touch the ashes to make sure that the fire is out. If you are unsure, pour more water on the fire!