How can I know the right time to light a fire?

Please note that if there is a preventive measure such as a burning permit suspension or an open fires ban, this takes priority over the indicator that the fire danger would provide you. Check the restrictions in effect before going to the forest.

The SOPFEU fire danger rating is a good guideline to follow! The appropriate behaviour to adopt for each level of fire danger is laid out below.

  • LOW: Low-intensity fire with limited spread, now is the right time to light your campfire
  • MODERATE: Moderately spreading surface fire that can be generally well-controlled, only build small fires (1m X 1m maximum).
  • HIGH: Moderate to vigorous surface fire that poses control challenges for ground crews, do not light on if the wind speed is above 20 km/h.
  • VERY HIGH: High-intensity with partial or complete ignition of the tree crowns. Conditions at the fire front are beyond the suppression capacity of ground crews, only make fires in installations equipped with a regulatory spark arrester.
  • EXTREME: High-intensity crown fire that spreads at high speed and can get out of control, avoid making fires.

Download our infographic here

You will find the fire danger index on our interactive map and our mobile application. Many municipalities also post it on their websites.

Do not forget! When lighting, be sure to use suitable equipment or stand on a mineral ground away from any combustible material.
Pro tip! Download the SOPFEU mobile application (available for iOS and Android). Save your municipality in your favourites and be informed at all times of the fire danger in your area.