Can I smoke in the forest?

Discarded cigarette butts, matches, and other smokers’ items are an important cause of forest fires, especially when vegetation is dry. If you smoke in the forest, you must discard all residue properly. Between April 1 and November 15, smoking in or near a forest is prohibited, whether you are working or travelling, unless you are in a building or a closed vehicle.

  • In order to avoid any risk, do not smoke while walking; find a clear area and stop while you smoke.
  • Extinguish your cigarette butt in water or stub it out on a rock. Discard it in a place intended for this purpose

Keep in mind! In spring, risks are located on the surface. Even if there is still snow, a smouldering cigarette butt can ignite dead leaves and grass on the ground.
Tips from the pros! Do not smoke when traveling in an all-terrain vehicle. This is prohibited by the Forest Protection Regulation.