Can I make a campfire or burn waste today?

The SOPFEU fire danger rating is a good guideline to follow! The appropriate behaviour to adopt for each level of fire danger is laid out below.

  • LOW: This is a good time to burn waste and make campfires.
  • MODERATE: Make only small fires.
  • HIGH: Do not light fires or burn waste if wind speed exceeds 20 km/h.
  • VERY HIGH: Fires should only be made in fire places equipped with standard spark arrestors, whose openings are no wider than 1 centimetre.
  • EXTREME: Avoid making fires.
Keep in mind! When making a fire, be sure to use an adequate fireplace or make your fire directly on mineral soil, away from any combustible material.
Tips from the pros! Download the SOPFEU mobile app (available for iOS and Android) to get automatic alerts when the fire danger level in your area exceeds “high.”